Boscean Mine, Cornwall

Boscean Mine, Cornwall

The first reference to Boscean Mine is below, which refers to a lease from 1851

1856 Kellys Directory. Boscean Mine is in the township and parish of St. Just, union of Penzance, hundred of Penwith Cornwall, and mining district of St. Just. It is situated 7 miles from the town of Penzance, which is the nearest shipping place and railway, and 287 from London. The mine is held under a lease for 21 years, from 1851, at a royalty of 1–25th, granted by the Grenville family, John Scobell, Esq., Lady Agar, and others. The country is granite. The known lodes on the sett are three, viz., the South lode, the Nennonick lode, and Gouldings. The known cross-courses are Wheel Owles Guide and Botallack Crowns Lode. There has been a shaft with slides sunk on the south lode. The slide or tramroad shaft is sunk 112 fathoms; there are the following levels in this shaft: the 40, 52, 64, 74, 86, 96, 108 fathom levels, driven variously. In Goulding’s shaft there are the following levels:—the 40, 52, 64, 74, 86 fathom levels, driven variously. The machinery consists of one pumping engine, 36-inch cylinder, 8 by 7ft. stroke; one pumping engine, 40-inch cylinder, 10 by 10ft. stroke; one winding-engine, 20-inch cylinder, 8 by 7ft. stroke. The steam-stamps comprise 48 heads; the water-stamps comprise 19 heads; making total stamping power, 67 heads. The minerals found in this sett include tin. The produce in 1852 was 23 tons of ore; in 1853, 91 tons of ore; and in 1854, 147 tons of ore. The company is on the costbook system, and consists of 240 shares, with £20 10s. paid, representing a capital of £4,920. The purser is Samuel York, of Herbier-house, Penzance; the captains are John Carthew, Richard Berryman, and James Trezise.

1864. Falmouth, (Lord); landowner Boscean mine

1873 Kellys. Wheal Cunning United mine is in the parish and adjoining the town, of St. Just in Penwith, situate 7 miles from Penzance, which is the nearest railway station and shipping place. The mine is held under lease of 21 years, at a royalty of 1-25th tin and 1-20th copper. This mine includes what were formerly Boswedden and Wheal Castle. Wheal Cunning (which was re-opened in 1872) and Boscean Mines. The Wheal Castle portion has been explored for a distance of half-a-mile under the sea. There are three pumping engines, two stamping engines, and two drawing engines: there is also very great water power on this mine, which is used for stamping and drawing purposes. The company is on the costbook system, and consists of 200 shares. Purser and Manager Richard BOYNS, Boswedden House, St. Just. Captains James ROACH, William HATTAM & Charles CLEMENS

1893 The mine must have been closed as the Wheal Owles Mine Disaster occurred when miners accidentally broke into flooded workings of Boscean Mine.

Today the East Boscean mine remains are a prominent landmark on Nancherrow Hill,

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