West Crinnis Mine, Cornwall

West Crinnis Mine

West Crinnis Mine was close to the mail railway line and 2 miles east of St. Austell. The earliest workings were known as Wheal Regent but this was later included into a larger mining sett called West Crinnis.

Records of output are: Wheal Regent 1815-23, 2,623 tons of 7% copper ore. West Crinnis Mine1855-59, 1,665 tons of 7.5% copper ore, 13 tons of Pyrite (Iron sulphide) and 3 tons of 66% lead ore with a little silver.

Workings extend under much of the residential part of Carlyon Bay. Surface remains have been leveled and bungalows built to form Regents Close. In the shops in Carlyon Bay there was a Wheal Regent Restaurant until some years ago.

Mining in St Austell Area