Par Consols Mine, Cornwall

Par Consols Mine

Par Consols. There are surprisingly few references to Par Consols, for a mine said to have been an important Copper Mine.

1841 April 30. West Briton article - Mine Captain gets a soaking. On Wednesday, the 21st, as Captain Puckey of St Blazey, the mine managing agent of J.T. Treffry Esq., was performing his round on horseback, on his way to Par Consols, in the West Fowey Consols Mine, and whilst riding along the towing path of the canal (from Par to Pontsmill) his horse took fright at the flapping of some clothes which had been put out to dry, and instantly leaped with his rider over the slopping part of the canal into the water. Capt. Puckey says that in coming out of the water he found a difference in the atmosphere equal to that of the deep level in Fowey Consols Mine, which he had only left about three hours before.

1843. A variant of the vertical steam engine for use as a whim engine was the horizontal engine, first erected in Cornwall by Sims and West in 1843 at the Par Consols mine. These horizontal whim engines were to be developed with separate cylinders and other improvements into the steam winding engines which were to operate until the end of the 'steam age'. The whim engines were not only used for raising ore but also were eventually to be used for transporting the miners.

1843 March 10 article in West Briton - Presentation for superior workmanship. On Saturday last, a gold laced hat was presented by Captain Puckey, Mr Treffry's principal mining agent, to Simon Uren, timberman, of Par Consols mine, in the presence of three hundred men, for the diligence and superior workmanship he had displayed, particularly in Treffry's North Engine Shaft, which is considered not to be equalled in the county.

1846 the first steam capstan was installed at Par Consols. Designed by West this was a small steam whim (winding engine) geared down with a small winding drum. Steam capstans were not common outside the larger or deeper mines until after the 1870's.

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