Tywarnhayle Mine, Cornwall

Tywarnhayle Mine

Tywarnhayle Mine is on the north valley side, about 1km south east of Porthtowan. Also known as United Hills Mine

A mining district within which the miners operated within the ancient Stannary system. This had its own laws,courts, jail and taxation (coinage). The four Cornish Stannaries were:

* Foweymore
* Blackmore
* Tywarnhayle
* Kerrier and Penwith.

1830 February 3rd, a fearful accident occurred at the United Hills Mine, in this parish, by the bursting of the engine boiler; out of thirteen persons on the premises at the time, nine were killed on the spot, or died shortly afterwards.

1843 New Assignment:- Licence to Work United Hills Mine.

1861 United Hills Mine, John’s Shaft ( Listed Grade II)

1850 October 25th, newspaper report. CORONER'S INQUESTS - The following inquests have been held by Mr. John CARLYON, county coroner; - On Thursday the 17th instant, in the parish of St. Agnes, on the body of John VARCOE, aged 50 years. Deceased was a miner, and from his having come from Hayle Copper-house, he was generally known among his comrades by the name of "Great John Copper-house." On Wednesday he was employed as lander at Tywarnhayle mine, and in the middle of his work, the engine-man finding that the kibble had arrived at the brace and that the deceased had not rung the bell, went out to see what was the matter, and found that the deceased had hung himself by a piece of lashing to a cross-piece over the poppet heads. He immediately cut him down, but he was quite dead. It appeared that about a fortnight before, he had assaulted a woman whom he had overtaken on the road as he was returning from St. Day, and for that offence he had been served with a summons to appear before the magistrates at Green Bank on the day the inquest was held. He had been imprisoned three or four times before, and was told on the last occasion that if he was convicted again, he would be transported. This had been observed to weigh much upon his spirits; and it also appeared that he had sent his comrade to the agents of the mine to borrow a sovereign that he might try to make it up with the girl; but his comrade returned and told him he could not have it, and this appeared greatly to disappoint him; and, after landing two more kibbles full, he hung himself. It was proved that some time since he fell from a scaffolding, and received severe injuries in the head, and it has been observed that since that accident his mind has been easily affected by any circumstances of a disagreeable or alarming character. Verdict, "temporary insanity."

1906 The engine house is one of the very few to survive which was built for a wooden beam. Electrically-driven centrifugal pumps fitted to this shaft were first used in Cornwall in 1906. This was the first site of experimental froth flotation in the early twentieth century. This innovation had a world-wide impact on mineral processing.

1908 the underground levels in the hillside were used as a training mine for the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London.

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