Wheal Tolgus Mine, Cornwall

Wheal Tolgus Mine

West Wheal Tolgus Copper Mine, is in the manor of Lord Robartes, and 2 miles from the town of Redruth. The nearest railway station is at Pool 1.75 miles from the mine, and the nearest shipping place is at Portreath, 2.5 miles from the mine. The mine is held under a lease of 21 years, granted by Lord Robartes, at a royalty of 1-20th. The main lode runs east and west, and dip is south-east. The dip is 2.5 feet in the fathom north, it consists of copper. There have been six shafts sunk. The mine is worked by two steam engines, and is drained by steam power. The company is on the costbook system, and consists of 512 shares.
Purser John HAYE of Redruth. Managers John TAYLOR and sons. Captains John HANCOCK, William GRIBBLE and James VIGUS. Clerk Richard PENROSE

1850. Newpaper Report of 27 Sep . CORONERS' INQUEST. - The following inquest was held before Mr. John CARLYON, county coroner, on Monday last, at Redruth on the body of John RIDDLE, aged 22 years. Deceased was a miner, and worked in South Wheal Tolgus. On Saturday last, he was employed at the thirty-two fathoms level as a kibble-filler and was going to the surface from his work when he fell through a door-way, which was open to let down the capstan rope, in order that the shaft might be repaired. The unfortunate man fell on a plunger head about ten fathoms below, by which he was so severely injured that he died in a few hours after being carried to his home. It was stated in evidence that he must have known the door-way was open, and the capstan rope down, because he saw the men at work at the thirty-two fathoms level. Verdict, "accidental death."

The Tolgus Calciner

Wheal Tolgus was incorporated into East Pool Mine

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