Wheel Providence Mine, Newquay, Cornwall

Wheel Providence Mine, Newquay,

The only reference to this mine appears to be in the New Town literature. They say that the land now occupied by the golf course was a lead mine called ‘Wheal Providence’ until 1890, when the golf club was formed.

Wheal Providence (Newquay, Cornwall) Newquay Consols. 1850, 1860 Lead

When it closed, the spoil heaps were used to fill in the mine shafts and the land was contoured to form this excellent all year round course. In 1906 the boys and girls who were acting as caddies went on strike, when the club tried to reduce their earning as they were said to be making twice the average mans wage from tips. The club was forced to back down, as golfers thought it undignified to carry their own clubs and required the services of caddies..

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