Treamble Mine, Cornwall

Treamble Mine, Cornwall

Treamble Mine, Perranporth worked the Parren Iron lode opencast, and by shallow shafts. The lode is recorded as being worked to a width of 36 mts in the opencasts. There was some minor development on a N-S lead lode.

When the mine was first worked is not recorded, but it is noted to have been worked at various times up to 1892.

It was also prospected in 1937, and in World War II. Treamble Mine appears to have been re-worked between 1936 and 1943, and raised about 15,000 tons of ore at that time. About 500 tons of decomposed 'killas' (clay-slate) were also refined at Treamble to make a sort of 'fuller's earth', a soft talc-like substance, used to refine vegetable oils and as a filler in cement, rubber, paints and bituminous products.

Recorded Output:
30000 tons of iron ore
32 tons of lead ore
130 oz of silver (from lead ore)
7 tons of zinc ore
Crushed slate in and next to the lode was processed as fullers earth.

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