Illogan Area Mines, Cornwall

Illogan Area Mines, Cornwall

Illogan mining area is bounded on the north by the Sea, on the east by St Agnes and Redruth, on the south by Wendron and Camborne, and on the west by the sea. Illogan is named after an obscure Cornish saint, St Illogan parish runs from the north coast of Cornwall, between the towns of Camborne and Redruth. The parish contains Portreath, originally called Basset's Cove, which was developed in the 18th and 19th centuries into a port with a railway connecting to the Pool and Hayle Foundry, as well as to the Gwennap mines. Mainly copper ore was exported to Swansea for smelting and coal and iron were imported for the mines in Cornwall.

Richard Trevithick, the inventor of the Cornish Steam Engine, was born in Illogan on 13th April 1771 and, on 7th November 1797, he married Jane Harvey, the daughter of the owner of Harvey's Iron-Foundry at Hayle.

Illogan Area
Name of Mine Principal Shafts Chief Produce Notable Minerals
Cook's Kitchen Chapple's shaft TIN & COPPER  
Carn Brea Mines (includes Tregajorran, Wheal Fanny, Wheal Druid & Barncoose from 1832) Western; Penny's; Pearce's; Teague's; Polkinghorne; Boundary; Tregajorran; Paul's; Monument; Druid's Engine Shaft; Druid's Whim; Sykes's, Engine; Miner's; MacDonald's & Old Sump shafts COPPER & TIN  
East Pool and Agar Limited (EPAL) Engine; Mitchell's; Taylor's; Bickford's; Polmer's; East Pool Engine; Agar; Pearce's; Killier's; Western; North; Middle & James's Shafts COPPER, TIN, WOLFRAM & ARSENIC Wolfram, Bismuth, Cobaltite &: Uranium
Polgear Mine (Lancarrow Mine), Four Lanes      
North Tincroft Downright's, Tyrie's, & Highburrow West shafts    
South Tincroft (part of Carn Brea Mines from 1896) Martin's East, Willoughby's, Fanny's, Roger's, Highburrow and Highburrow East shaft TIN & COPPER

Haematite & Pyrites

Wheal Agar   COPPER & TIN  
Wheal Basset Carnkie, Samson's, Steven's, Richard's, Roberts's, Dennis's, Theager's, Old Sump, Doctor's, Williams's & Marriot's shafts COPPER Galena & Silver
West Wheal Basset Thomas's, Percy's, Grenville, Richard's, Boundary & Michell's shaft COPPER & TIN  
North Wheal Basset Lyle's shaft, Miner's shaft COPPER  
Wheal Beauchamp      
South Wheal Frances Pascoe's, Daubuz's, Marriott's, Broad's & Pryor's shaft COPPER & TIN  
West Wheal Frances Smith's shaft    
Wheal Harris      
Wheal Emily Henrietta   COPPER  
Wheal Mary, Gilbert's Coombe      


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