Holmbush Mine

Holmbush Mine

Holmbush is the oldest mine in the area. An mine which was active in the 1600s and produced lead and copper.

Much later it became part of the large Redmoor Mine complex which spread across Kelly Bray, and included the Kelly Bray mine, under the name of Callington United Mines.

Hichen's Shaft, dating from when the mine restarted in 1876 as Callington United. The centre building worked the 'Cornish rolls' or copper crusher.

Lead and Silver are found together in lodes running north and south above the Copper and Tin lodes running east and west.

Holmbush was a major producer of arsenical pyrites. The great majority of the pyrite producers were in the eastern district of the county and were led in the late 1870s and early 1880s by New Great Consols, Holmbush and Okel Tor, all three of which also sold refined arsenic.

East Holmbush Mine

Little is known about this now rather overgrown mine. It produced copper, lead and silver and during the early 1800s it had a 36-inch pumping engine. After 1845 it was incorporated into the first operation called Callington United, which reopened under the same name in 1876.


Redmoor, Holmsbush, Kelly Bray where commonly worked together. At times West Holmsbush, East Holmsbush, and South Kelly Bray where included. Tin, wolfram and arsenic mine worked as late as 1940-5. Redmoor mine area was prospected in the early 1980's, and was near to being brought into production, but the price of tin collapsed in 1985.

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