Hingston Down Consols Mine

Hingston Down Consols Mine

Hingston Downs Consol Mine was opened for copper in 1846 although tin had been exploited here a century before. Is in the township and parish of Calstock, it is situated 3.5 miles from Callington. The nearest shipping place is at Calstock quay, 2.5 miles from the mine, and the nearest railway station is Plymouth, 17 miles from the mine.

The mine struck rich in 1850 and in 1864 employed 225 people.

By the middle of the 1870s the mine was 172 fathoms deep, however work tailed off after this time, concentrating on the eastern section but was wound up in 1885.

In 1900 the mine was worked with Clitters United Mines and between 1905 and 1908 in its own right again.

During 1850 to 1880 the mine produced 4 tons of tin concentrate and 64,440 tons of copper ore, in 1878 about 37 tons of mispickle while during the period 1905-9 it produced 250 tons of tin concentrate, 200 tons of arsenic and 146 tons of tungsten ore.

The mine is being held under a lease of 21 years at a royalty of 1-18th granted by the Duchy of Cornwall to W A THOMAS, T MORRIS, and others. in 1872

P;purser and Manager Captain James RICHARDS of Devon Great Consols
Captain Thomas RICHARDS on the mine
Secretary T B LAWS
The London Offices are at 22 Great St Helens

Trevithick Society, Hingston Down Consols

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