Gunnislake Clitters Mine

Gunnislake Clitters Mine

Gunnislake Clitters Mine produced Copper, Arsenic, Tin, Tungsten. "Old Gunnislake" just to the south, together with the Wheal Tamar, had been worked for copper in the 1700s. Uranium was found in both, but not mined. The mine forms part of the estate of the Duke of Cornwall.

Gunnislake Clitters Mine was worked from 1820-1919, first by an adit from the valley side and later by shafts. Before the construction of the East Cornwall Mineral Railway, a tramroad linked the mine to wharves at Gunnislake.

The mine is on the steep valley side and was neglected after closure. The Cornwall Archaeological Unit has been involved in strengthening weakened buildings, fencing dangerous areas and providing safe routes through the site.

Known Owners

1858 - known as Clitters Adit, sold as a going concern

1875-1876 - T.C.Issacs & Others

1877-1889 - Gunnislake Clitters Mining Co.

1899 - Joseph Paull

1900-1908 - Clitters United Mines Co. Ltd

1919 - Duchy Of Cornwall

Chief Agents

1859-1863 - Rodda, John Chief Agent
1864-1865 - Skewis, John & Rodda, William Chief Agent
1866-1868 - Seccombe, William & Skewis, S.C. Chief Agent
1869 - Seccombe, S.C. Chief Agent
1870-1871 - Seccombe, J. Chief Agent
1872-1879 - Seccombe, John C .Chief Agent
1880-1881 - Skinner, William & Skewis, T. Chief Agent
1882 - Skewis, William Chief Agent
1883-1889 - Seccombe, John C. Chief Agent
1902-1908 - Paull, J. Chief Agent

John Rodda was a mining engineer & later became the Assistant Overseer for the Parish of Calstock. He was born in St Austell and lived at various times in several of the mining parishes of Cornwall & West Devon. It appears that he also spent some time in Quebec, Canada, where one of his 5 children was born. His wife's name was Lavinia.


1859-1863 - Seccombe, N Manager
1869-1872 - Skewis, W Manager
1873-1877 - Skewis, William Manager
1880-1881 - Seccombe, John C. Manager
1883 - Skewis, William Manager

John Seccombe's s is recorded in the 1881 Census as living at 3 Clitters Road, Calstock with his wife, Ann, & 3 adult children - Alfred F., Charles W. & Ann C.. All the family members were born locally & both Alfred & Charles were also mine agents.

From the Cornish & Devon Post of September 15 1883. "Captain W. SKEWS, for 20 years manager, of Clitters Mine, Gunnislake, has been presented with a silver ink-stand and gold pencil case by those working at the mine."


1859 - Skinner, R.T. Secretary
1860-1861 - Skinner, R.T. Secretary
1862-1868 - Skinner, R.J. Secretary
1869-1874 - Skinner, R.T. Secretary
1879 - Skinner, R.T. Secretary
1880-1881 - Skewis, ?BAW Secretary

R.T.Skinner & William Skewis lived in Tavistock.


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