East Holmbush Mine, Callington

East Holmbush Mine, Callington

Little is known about this now rather overgrown mine. Formerly it produced copper, lead and silver and during the early 1800s it had a 36-inch pumping engine. After 1845 it was incorporated into the first operation called Callington United, which reopened under the same name in 1876

1873 From Kellys Directory Is in the parish of climsland, within the mining district of Callington. The nearest shipping place is at Calstock quay, 4 miles from the mine. The East Cornwall Mineral railway has a station at Kelly Bray close to the mine. Operations are expected to be recommenced early this year (1873)

Mindat reports Kelly Bray Mine (Callington United; Callington; Emmens United), Kelly Bray, Redmoor, Holmbush were usually worked together. The group also included at times South Kelly Bray, West Holmbush,and East Holmbush

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