Lizard lighthouse, Cornwall

lizard lighthouse, cornwall    lizard lifeboat station
The lizard lighthouse and the nearby lifeboat station

A private lighthouse was built here in 1619, but the inability to collect dues from passing ships forced its closure in 1623.

In 1762 Trinity House built a two tower, coal fired station, which it leased for 61 years to a Thomas Fonnerau. The two towers are still at the Lizard.

The coal fires were replaced by Argand oil lights in 1812, and they in turn replaced in 1878 by generator powered electricity. And the signal continued as two fixed lights till 1903.

In 1903 the two tower system was stopped, and a single flashing light used. This has a white flash every 3 seconds and a range of 25 miles. The fog horn gives 2 blasts every 60 seconds

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