Lawrence House, Launceston, Cornwall

Lawrence House, Launceston, Cornwall

Lawrence House, Launceston, built in 1753, was given to the National Trust to help preserve the Georgian character of Castle street. These buildings still look much as they did 250 years ago and traces of the old cobble stones can still be seen. John Betjeman said that Castle Street, was ' the most perfect collection of 18th century town houses in Cornwall.' Pevsner admired all the buildings in Castle Street from numbers 3 to 13 (Lawrence House is number 9)

Lawrence House is a grade II listed building and is now leased to Launceston Town Council and in use as a local museum and civic centre.

The museum occupies part of the Georgian town house, the mayor's parlour is also housed in the building.

Lawrence House Museum details the history of the Town from early times to the present day. Full of interesting exhibits, Victorian costume, the lives some of the notable people associated with the town, such as John Couch Adams, the astronomer who is credited with co-discovering Neptune in 1846.

Lawrence House, Launceston


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