Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

Widemouth Bay, a long, sandy, windswept bay near Bude. Widemouth Bay is the most easily accessible of the beaches near Bude, and is off the coast road. For surfing the beach is popular with body boarders, long boarders and short boarders with waves that are suitable for beginners to intermediate. There are waves along its entire length, although the direction of the swell can make a big difference to the quality.

At the north end of Widemouth Bay there is a large sandy area gets exposed has the tide ebbs. There are interesting rock formations along the backing cliffs. There is plenty of parking here and a number of campsites in the area. The sun is on the beach most of the day and there are interesting sunsets.

Widemouth Bay South

Widemouth Bay coast has smuggling stories connected with it, probably due to the little inlets and coves to the south.

Widemouth Bay old photographs

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