St Just in Roseland, Cornwall

St Just Roseland, Cornwall

St Just in Roseland is where you will find Cornwall's most photographed church, the 13th century St Justus church built right beside the water on a tidal creek. It should not be confused with St Just-in-Penwith which is near Land's End. The village itself comprises of a number scattered cottages and is close to a wooded inlet from the waters of the Carrick Roads. The vegetation in this sheltered spot is virtually tropical. Fuchsias, hydrangeas, lilies and many exotic shrubs abound.

St Just in Roseland church is on the site of a 5th century chapel, the churchyard slopes steeply upwards behind the church. The church was dedicated on 14th August 1261. A 19th century vicar brought in many tropical plants, and the combination of the church on the water's edge and the wonderful flowers and shrubs in the churchyard are pure magic. The path down to the Church from the road is lined with granite blocks which are carved with quotations and verses taken from the Bible.

There is a scenic walk from St Just in Roseland church to St Mawes, along the coast path. Its about 2 miles and most of the land is National Trust owned.

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