Sancreed, Cornwall

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Sancreed is an attractive inland village in the Lands End peninsula.

Sancreed has a 15th century church with a carved rood screen and two noteworthy crosses in the churchyard.

Above the village is Sancreed Beacon with extensive views. Cornwall Heritage Trust own Sancreed Beacon, which is a granite upland, 172m above sea level, probably inhabited during the Bronze Age. Remains of two burial mounds can be seen on the summit and the remains of what is believed to be a Bronze Age hut stand on the Western slope. Open works and old shafts provide evidence of the tin mining in the mid 19th century - Wheal Argus, also known as Beacon Mine. The Beacon would have been used to light a beacon warning of invasion during the Napoleonic wars.

A little to the west is the Iron age fort of Caer Bran, reached by footpath from Grumbla..

There is a well preserved Iron Age courtyard village at Carn Euny, reached from Brane. Carn Euny is an Iron Age settlement, a small village or perhaps a farmstead. At first sight there is just a collection of small, grass covered stone walls - all that remains of the stone huts built here around 200BC. After a few minutes of wandering around you begin to get a sense of the lay-out of the place.

Sancreed Holy Well has steps lead down to it which are lined with glowing moss-green phosphoresce. Re-discovered 1879. it is in a sheltered pine and holly grove. Above the well is the remains of an old chapel. The radiation count of the water measures 200% higher than background radiation. Rev A. Lane-Davies in his book - Holy Wells of Cornwall - writes "The spot always seems to me to possess a greater air of mystery and sanctity than any other in Cornwall"

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