Lanlivery, Cornwall

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Lanlivery, Cornwall This rather bleak moorland parish is situated above a tributary of the Fowey River, west of Lostwithiel.

The Lanlivery parish church of St Brevita has a tower that is 100 feet high and one of the finest in Cornwall. The Churchyard is the centre of the rural village This Churchyard is relatively small, with approximately 222 memorials. The site is flat, however the burial areas may be uneven, with many headstones and monuments.

NW of Lanlivery is Helman Tor, which has a rocking logan just below the summit. Also on this hill are the traces of a Neolithic settlement and a huge pile of flat boulders called the Cup and Saucer Rock.

The Lanlivery pub, The Crown Inn ( a free house) is a 12th century long house with low beams, slate floors open fires. It is directly on the "saints way"- a walk across Cornwall once undertaken by cattle drovers from Ireland "fat walking" the cattle from Padstow to Fowey avoiding sailing around Lands End. Then embarking the animals at Fowey to sail to France. Pilgrims joined these drovers and built churches on the route. Much of the present building still dates from the 12th century although the pub was extended to house the stonemasons who built the charming church of St Brevita, which is located just behind the pub.

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