Grampound, Cornwall

Grampound comes from "Grand Pont", as the village was the lowest crossing point on the River Fal.

Grampound, before the voting reforms of 1820, was a classic rotten borough, returning two MPs and only having two voters. The town of Grampound was given a charter in 26th October 1334. It sent two members to parliament from the reign of Edward VI up to 1824 when it was disfranchised for bribery. Whatever caused this move must have been fairly major, as Grampound was the only rotten borough struck off for this prior to the Reform Bill of 1832.

Grampound Cornwall, Atlantis Smoked Fish

Grampound is now a small village on the busy main road from St Austell to Truro.It has a very good smoked food outlet - Atlantis Smokery. Their stuff we can recommend from personal experience, and you can purchase off their web site.

There is a toll house on the bridge, a guildhall, clock tower and tannery, all showing its importance in the past.

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Grampound School

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