Gerrans Bay, Cornwall

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Gerrans Bay area in Cornwall is a pleasant tourist area today with beaches and small villages

From the hilltop village and church of Gerrans there is a stunning view of Gerrans Bay with Gull Rock and Nare Head in the distance.The two villages of Gerrans and Portscatho have now virtually merged into one, although there is still some local rivalry between the two villages.

Gerrans Bay is set between the Roseland Peninsula and Nare Head, the area is believed to have been the home of a King of Cornwall - Gerannius. When he died, his body was carried away across the bay on a golden boat with silver oars, to be buried at Carne Beacon on the other side of the bay. One notes that archeological digs have failed to find any evidence of Gerannius.

The bay was the fiefdom of the smugglers of Portscatho and its neighbourhood during the 18th century. By having their scouts on the adjoining hills they had early notice of the approach of any revenue cutters.

In 1876, two fisherman caught a sea serpent in their nets in Gerran's Bay. Fifty years later in 1926, a similar creature was caught in the nets of some other fishermen. The creature was described as 20 feet long with an eight foot tail, scaly legs and a beak-like head. Then there was a period with few sightings until the 1970's when apparently more were sighted. No photographs appear to exist.

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