Advent, Cornwall

Advent, Cornwall church

Advent, Cornwall, was previously called St Adwen and St Tathen. It is not an actual village, but a parish on the Camel river, 2 miles S of Camelford.

The 14th century Church of St Adwena is situated in the picturesque little hamlet of Tresinney, and overlooks Truckle Valley. The Patron of the church is the Duke of Cornwall. The church was restored in 1873. The parish is named after St. Alhawyn or Adwena. It is in the Hundred of Lesneweth and in the Deanery of Trigg-minor.

The area is mainly farmland with some areas of moorland to the east of the parish; the underlying material is granite.

Advent is a very large parish which touches Camelford, but also goes out to te old Davidstow Airfield. Crowdy Reservoir and Roughtor Car Park are also in Advent Parish. The parish has several footpaths and a small but busy Methodist Church in the hamlet of Highertown.

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