Probus Gardens, Cornwall

Probus Gardens were established around 1970 to encourage local gardeners to take best advantage of the opportunities provided by the mild Cornish climate. They are now closed. The gardens were designed to be a source of information, advice and ideas to all interested gardeners. Probus Gardens were a domestic garden on a grand scale.

The eight acres at Probus was divided into different areas separated by hedges resistant to the salt-laden winds. 35 different hedging varieties were used at Probus to divide the garden into these sheltered 'rooms'. The sub divisions included an organic fruit and vegetable garden, a butterfly garden, a low allergen garden, a winter garden, a seaside garden tended by local schoolchildren and the Millennium herbaceous garden based on a Celtic design.

Probus installed a Rainwater Harvesting System making it completely independent of mains water.

An extensive range of culinary and medicinal herbs and a large variety of home grown produce were harvested.

The glasshouse area was devoted variously to plant propagation, cacti, exotic species and plants that need winter protection. A unusual feature was a model 60 feet long that showed the geological structure of the county of Cornwall, with samples of the rocks found in each area.

The gardens are 100 yards off the A390 east of Probus village.

Probus Gardens are now closed and awaiting development as a garden centre.


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