Lamorran Gardens, Cornwall

Lamorran Gardens, Cornwall

Lamorran garden is an Italianate Mediterranean garden on four acres of hillside overlooking Falmouth Bay and St. Antony's Head and on the Roseland Peninsula. The water gardens, palms and sub-tropical plants are the things to see. There is an emphasis on Southern Hemisphere plants and sub-tropical vegetation. It featured in the Nation's Favourite Gardens broadcast by the BBC in 2002.

The gardens faces due south on a sloping hillside, the micro-climate is virtually frost free and they use shelter belts of trees to moderate the effects of the wind. Since 1982, frost has only been recorded for 4 nights in the exceptionally cold January of 1987 and for one night only in 1997 .

The gardens at Lamorran House were started when Mr and Mrs Dudley-Cooke bought the property in 1982. A large collection of Rhododendrons and evergreen azaleas were brought from their former garden and formed the basis for the early plantings. Robert Dudley-Cooke drew inspiration for the design of the garden from many sources. The garden was designed as a whole but was constructed in three separate stages.

Initially influenced by the Japanese style of gardening, the design for the garden has blended Japanese ideas with ideas from Mediterranean gardens, particularly those laid out and planted by the English around the turn of the century.

The intention was to create an intimate garden in the spirit of Mediterranean gardens but with water always present both with the sea as a backdrop to the garden and with running water featured in the many pools and streams. Many features are included to divide the garden into intimate compartments to explore.

As it has evolved there are areas of woodland, a water garden in Japanese style as well as temples and archways in the steeper parts of the garden and a small Venetian bridge to look out over the bay .

Lamorran Gardens, Cornwall

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