Hepworth Garden, St Ives, Cornwall

Hepworth Garden, St Ives, Cornwall

The Hepworth Sculpture Garden in St Ives was Barbara Hepworth's own creation and she slowly filled it with her sculptures. Gravel paths lead you in between exotic plantings to her workshop. There is a raised pond and there are glimpses of the sea.

The garden is a reminder of the work of Dame Barbara Hepworth who died in 1975. Her studio and garden have been run by the Tate since 1980, and are now a part of Tate St Ives. Hepworth asked in her will that Trewyn Studios and the adjacent garden, with the sculptures in her favourite positions, should be permanently open to the public.

The Hepworth Sculpture Garden gives insight into the work of one of Britain's most important twentieth-century artists.

A book, The Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden by Miranda Phillips and Chris Stephens, records the plants and sculptures through the seasons, exploring the botanical evolution of the garden and the relationship between Hepworth's abstract sculptures and the natural forms that surround them.

Hepworth Garden, Tate Gallery, St Ives


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