Derek Tangye, author

Derek Alan Trevithick Tangye, writer and journalist: born London 29 February 1912; married 1943 Jeannie Nicol (died 1986); died 26 October 1996.

Derek Tangye (1912-1996) wrote over 20 books which became known as 'The Minack Chronicles' about his life on a daffodil farm called Dorminack, or more suscinctly as Minack, in the west of Cornwall with his wife Jeannie. He had previously been a newspaper columnist and she as a hotel PR executive in London. The animal on their Cornish farm feature in his books.

Great Minack Stories (1990) is "An omnibus edition of "Way to Minack", "A Cornish Summer" and "Cottage on a Cliff" which gives an account his wartime years with MI5 and his later Cornish life near Mount's Bay.

His wife Jeannie wrote four books whilst at Minack, which were about her work in the savoy hotel group. Her books are written under her maiden name of Jean Nicol - Meet me at the Savoy; Hotel Regina; Home is the Hotel; Bertioni's Hotel. She also illustrated her husband's books with sketches. Jeannie, after whom one of his books was named, died in 1986

Derek lived on in the cottage for another ten years, dying at the age of 84. He was in the process of writing 'Shadows' just before his death. The thriller writer John le Carré, who lived a mile away along the cliffpath, gave the eulogy at his funeral.

His books described the couple's happy and carefree life growing daffodils in Cornwall. The donkeys and cats on their tiny farm all became "characters" in his books Tangy Trust web site

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