Eden Project in Cornwall

Eden Project photos of a day there at Easter 2001 after opening

A lot of our guests at Corisande have been to the Eden Project. The overall opinion is that it is worth the entrance money, around £10 a head and was an interesting couple of hours wandering through the domes...but that it will be much better once the plants have had more time to grow.

Perhaps the answer is to come to Cornwall and look at it now, then come back later and see how it is progressing. Everyone so far that has stayed with us has been glad they went.

eden project cornwall biomes claypit
From the Visitor Centre, where you arrive, you look down on the two large Biomes. There was, at Easter 2001, a fair
micro climate tropical
amount of construction still going on in the grounds, with much planting still to be done. Inside the domes, the Tropical Zone
greenhouses mediterranean zone
is fairly luxuriant, with the plants being well established, while the Mediterranean Zone has been planted , but the plants
need some time to grow A last look on the way home  

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