Cornish Language Qualifications

Gorseth Kernow (The Gorseth of the Bards of Cornwall ) used to do examinations in the Cornish language until this function was taken over by the Kesva an Taves Kernewek (The Cornish Language Board). The Cornish Language Board was founded in 1967 by the joint resolution of the Gorsedd of Cornwall and the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies to continue the work of promoting Cornish which had been the responsibility of those two bodies.

In 1987 the Cornish Language Board adopted Kemmyn (Common) as its standard but it also provides examinations in the Unified version of the languagel.

Cussel an Tavaz Kernuack (the Cornish Language Council) received a sum from the Cornwall County Council for evening class support and for a language course project. They use the Late/Modern Cornish variety.

Agan Tavas (Our Language) aims to promote unified Cornish and they organise events, support classes and campaigns for the use of the minority language. And web tuition in their brand of Cornish.

Teer ha Tavas (Land and language) currently organises language classes at Truro and St Austell Colleges. They also provide postal tuition. And KDLCornish offer web based courses.

Teacher Qualifications There is no special qualification for teachers of Cornish. When recommending teachers, the Kesva an Taves Kernewek only recommends those who have passed the Fourth Grade examination of the Kesva. The Fourth Grade is the highest exam that can be taken in the Cornish language and people who have passed it are fluent in speaking and writing the language. There is no indication as to how many of these people exist, and how many of those might be teachers.

All students of Cornish can take the examinations provided by the Kesva an Taves Kernewek, the highest of which is the Fourth Grade (first year university level).

Cornish-language GCSEs (General Certificates of Secondary Education) have not been available since 1996 because there were too few students to maintain it. A s a result of new government rules that stipulated a minimum of 800 students
to maintain an exam. With only a handful of students taking the exam each year, there is virtually no hope of it ever being reinstalled.

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