Funding for The Cornish Language

Funding Awarded to Cornish Language Groups - The Cornwall County Council provides a breakdown of the funding that Cornish language organisations have sourced over the past 20 years. They have identified third party funding of approximately £50,000. £21,000 of that being from South West Arts for Verbal Arts Cornwall, the rest being spread across 9 other organisations from a variety of sources.

There have been a small number of successful applications to the European Commission DG XXII. Two of these were grants awarded (via European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages) under the Minority Languages programme, for the publication of two books (a Cornish dictionary and a book on the grammar of modern Cornish). In both cases, £3,000 was awarded.

Support for the Cornish language has received a boost with the announcement of up to £80,000 of government funding. The £80,000 annual will provide the match funding needed to support Cornwall County Council's application for Objective One funding. Government funding to support the Cornish language was confirmed in 2005 for three years.

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