Maen Castle, Cornwall

Maen Castle, Cornwall

Maen Castle is the furthest west of all Castles in mainland England. It is within walking distance from Land's End, and is a very good example of a "Cliff" Castle, or Iron Age Promontory Fort. Maen Castle has two semi circular ditches across the neck of the headland. Similar to Maen Castle is Newquay Cliff Castle

Maen Castle is one of the oldest datable Cliff Castles in Cornwall, dating to around 500BC. Pottery shards have been found at Maen Castle covering the period 400BC to 400AD. It is close to the Cornish coast and accessible at all times.

Promontory forts can be found all along the coasts of Penwith. Their sites would be chosen on headland where the forts were surrounded mainly by steep cliffs, with only a relatively small landward neck to the isthmus. Defences could be concentrated on the small landward boundary. The fort usually consisted of a series of ramparts and ditches.

The giant Myen Du was in legend believed to have lived here.

Maen Castle is now managed by The National Trust and is very close to Sennen harbour car park. The National Trust has signs for both the site and the castle's entrance.


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