Helston Castle, Cornwall

Helston Castle, a 13th century castle, now virtually disappeared. Helston Castle was built by the Earl of Cornwall. It may have been a fortified manor house.

Helston Castle was recorded as being in ruins by William of Worcester in 1478. It seems that although in ruins, traces of the castle could be seem.

Traces of the castle were also seen by Leland, who journied through England between 1539 and 1545. Leland had been commissioned by Henry VIII to complete a survey towns and cities. Helston Castle was so ruined at this time that no details could be extracted of its original shape or size.

The site of Helston Castle are now the town's bowling green. Helston Bowling Green appears to date from 1760.

The original entrance to Helston Castle is believed to have been where the memorial archway at the bottom of Coinagehall Street, dedicated to Humphrey Millett Grylls in 1839, was erected.

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