Cardinham Castle, Cornwall

Cardinham Castle today only shows earthwork remains of motte and bailey castle probably built by Richard Fitz Turold (whose family called "de Cardinan" after their original home), Sheriff of Cornwall for the Earl of Cornwall, Robert de Mortain who was William the Conqueror's half-brother. After the Norman Conquest of 1066 he seized much of the land in the parish which had belonged to the Priory in Bodmin. He built the castle to protect the land that he seized shortly after that. He also built castles at Lostwithiel Castleand Launceston where he lived.

The castle is on high ground to the south of the church. The shape of the castle can still be seen, but no ruins remain. The site of the castle here can be visited with permission of the landowner.

The motte is 4 metres high and has been damaged at the top and east side by surface stone digging. The bailey is quite well preserved on the west and south sides but the east side has been cut away.

The Turold family appear to have owned the land for 200 years after the fort was built.

Cardinham village


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