Bossiney Castle, Cornwall

Bossiney Castle was a Norman earthwork motte and bailey fortress, probably wooden, with a strong rampart and ditch. Today it is called Bossiney Mound, as that is all that remains.

It is a mile west is Tintagel Castle and 3 miles north-east is Bottreaux Castle and was built by Robert, Earl of Mortain, a half-brother of William the Conqueror. It appears to have been used until the bigger Tintagel Castle was built nearby.

Legend says that King Arthur's Round Table is buried beneath the ruins, and that on the eve of the summer solstice, the Round Table appears. Nobody appears to be able to verify this!

In the 16th century writs for elections were read and results declared, Bossiney being a Rotten Borough. Here local voters, such that there were, raised their hands to send Francis Drake to Parliament. He was returned as MP for the Borough of Bossiney in November 1584. The mound had no need of this use after the Great Reform Act of 1832 when the town lost the right to return MPs.


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